Unless we are First Nation people, we are a nation of immigrants.  This COC exists to remind our nation of that fact and change toxic narratives that endanger  immigrant communities.

Before Stand in for Nebraska became a cross-cultural, intersectional human rights organization, its primary aim was immigration justice. Though we have enlarged our vision and impact, this organizing circle is sacred to us.

Here, we centralize the United Nation’s call to treat migrants seeking asylum humanely. 

We demand asylum rights protection.

We demand the protection of DACA recipients and a pathway to citizenship.

We demand the reuniting of migrant families.

We provide community education on the systemic realities for immigrants and shine a strong light on economic systems funneling money into for-profit/privatized detention. We believe profiting from incarceration is immoral and inhumane.

The Immigration Justice COC further advocates for ending the criminalization of asylum seekers; ending atrocities within opaque detention centers; and ensuring safe working conditions for migrant farm workers.

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The Immigration Justice COC meets bi-monthly, on Thursdays at 6:30pm.

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