Nichole Vesely

We have grown to expect a visionary and a details-oriented thinker who helps us see and plan in both ways

As a 2022 leading force in SIFN’s Joy Space: A Wellness Community in partnership with Huddle: Yoga and Energy Coaching and key supporter of our Nourish the Plains program—especially when we feature food justice projects—Nichole brings momentum. The resolve she demonstrates through undaunted energy and commitment to realizing a more humane world is admirable.

Nichole is a natural leader—brings so much intellectual and heart-generating value to building our grassroots organization at macro and micro levels. During team meetings, we have grown to expect a visionary and a details-oriented thinker who helps us see and plan in both ways.

While Nichole is a detailed systems thinker, she equally trusts the ambiguous process—that the universe is conspiring for and with high vibration energies personally and collectively brought to our lives and projects. In other words, we love how she plans and executes, and we love how she freefalls and trusts. These qualities alchemize in expressed badass female power, her capacity to be a woman empowering other women, and a trusted force for good. Authenticity is one of Nichole’s many resulting super powers.

If you have had the pleasure of holding space with Nichole during her SIFN-sponsored HerStory event during International Women’s Month, on a yoga mat, or through an intersecting JuJu’s Vegan event,
you likely left feeling lifted and empowered; lighter and more held and respected. Nourished.

This is why it makes perfect sense Nichole was promoted to a leadership position in Girl Scouts of Nebraska, where more women have the ability to grow from realize greater community impacts for women and girls from her influences.

Go Far, Go Together

I’m Stephanie Bondi and I use she and they pronouns.  I’ve been involved in Stand in for Nebraska since near its inception.  I was drawn to it because the founders believed that bringing injustice to the streets and talking back against the inhumanity we experience...

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The Indigenous Healing Gardens

During the 2020-2021 school year, Stand in for Nebraska’s Youth Collaborative, got inspired through the Indian Center’s Healing Garden example. Students became curious with indigenous approaches to sustainable gardening methods along with the larger cultural and...

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Stand In For Nebraska’s Leadership Team

Stand in for Nebraska’s Leadership Team  self-identifies as community advocates and human rights ambassadors for the organization. To best advance human rights and justice alongside multi-marginalized communities in Nebraska while dismantling...

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Know Your Rights: Protests

In collaboration with Stand in for Nebraska, lawyer and activist John Cartier shares important information regarding protests, including: constitutional protections of protesters, how to prepare for a protest, what to do if you are arrested during a protest, and legal...

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What Can White Allies Do?

So much. Daily Notice spaces in which dominant whiteness prevails and do three things: 1) Notice 2) Disrupt 3) Urge action Reinforcing white dominance through non-disruption/conflict avoidance in white interactive spaces is part of the problem. To illustrate: In...

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Solidarity Sunday News

Dear Stand in for Nebraska Members, Stand in for Nebraska supports urgent and unyielding human rights advocacy alongside impacted, multi-marginalized Nebraskans. To realize this deep commitment, we deploy wide-ranging methods including weekly Non-Violent Stand Ins...

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Welcome to Stand in For Nebraska

As our website goes live, America’s rhythms have arrested through coronavirus impacts. Within just one week, our lives have radically altered. While it’s necessary for us to get our own bearings, to take care of individual needs and find our footing during this wildly...

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