Abby Goss joins Stand in for Nebraska as a near-graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the field of Integrated Sciences. Passionate about sustainable agriculture, Abby’s multi-dimensional degree features horticulture–local, organic, and community-based projects, nutrition, and agricultural communication sciences. Blend all of that brilliance together, and Abby aims to be a leader in Public Health community projects, policies, and practices. Before heading to graduate school, Abby is building her senior capstone thesis around food insecurity in Lincoln, Nebraska. Here, she will study history, demographics, existing policies and programs that both help and hinder realizing food security for all Lincolnites. Not only will Abby study the problem within her capstone, she also will work to find solutions and grant resources to “be the change” she wishes to see.

Spending time with Abby quickly reveals a young woman who is mature well beyond her years. She is a natural fit for Stand in for Nebraska leadership in that her public health focus always includes addressing underserved communities and holistic and interlocking forces of poverty/accessibility to resources and empowering education,, racism, sexism, and the generational traumas that flow from them. Most recently, Abby developed a Youth Garden Club program at the Malone Center in Lincoln in which she focused on sustainable agriculture while also promoting mental health, nutrition and wellness, exercise, healthy meals, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) throughout the summer enrichment program. Abby even transported all children needing that support to reduce the barrier of entry. An artist herself as well, Abby draws from and synthesizes her many public health, human rights, and justice-focused interests to inform sculpting.

We are thrilled Abby will be joining Stand in for Nebraska’s Nourish the Plains team in 2023 to further innovate and positively impact Nebraskans’ holistic wellness and well-being!