We are inspired to share Nature Medicine Song Villegas will continue shining her irrepressible, activating light.

Nature’s loving energy, fierce resolve, and irreverent, uplifting humor are among her many superpowers. There is nothing Nature and those lucky to be partners in change with her can’t do.

While some may struggle with overwhelm, finding hope, mobility, and a throughway when human rights assaults and systemic injustices occur, Nature says, “We ride before dawn!” Essential for a human rights organization is having a leadership team who keeps the work in daily motion—who, while exercising discernment, thoughtfulness, and centering of the organization’s mission and values—demonstrates courage to act. Nature is an intrepid and respected catalyst for SIFN.

Our “Sandbox Sistar,” Nature thrives as a creative—these gifts just pour from her as a visual artist, public speaker, poet, dancer, and activist-visionary. Those who have brainstormed—gotten in the imaginative sandbox—with her can attest to what a life force and font of hope and possibility Nature’s creativity is. Her imaginative capacities, we’re convinced, are unlimited and regenerative.

Like her most cherished partner in change, Jason Witmer, Nature’s life story defies the breathtaking odds. How is it possible, one wonders, to keep rising, loving, trusting, investing, hoping with humanity when life has given so few breaks? When the life story evidence points more logically to a bitter conclusion?

DEFY ALL LOGIC and REDUCTIVE EXPECTATIONS Nature (and Jason’s) life stories reveal.

Their answer to their own life story questions are daily instructions for us all.

Love always, fight hard for justice despite the odds against its realization in our lifetimes; link co-conspiratorial arms with those on a deep personal and community-healing journey, for they can more likely show up as trustworthy and reliable partners. Center mutual aid like breathing and build confidence but not ego interference as we walk together.