Community Organizing Circles

Stand in for Nebraska is led by a diverse group of twelve active Board of Directors and community organizers who help mobilize and guide Seven Active Community Organizing Circles (COCs).  
We focus on positive community change.

SIFN operates in COCs (community organizing circles). SIFN’s COCs listed below are the ways we currently “Stand In” for Nebraska:

Nourish the Plains

Yolanda Nuncio and Freedom Thompson, Directors

Roots to Rise

Freedom Thompson and Nature Medicine Song Villegas, Directors

Hours Volunteered through COC’s in 2020:

Stand Ins

Ensuring Food Security

Growing the Healing Garden

Writing Activism

Education & Engagement

Planning & Organizing

What We Do

We Educate

We believe education is empowerment and fosters empathy, making educational programming a key pillar of Stand In For Nebraska.

We Mobilize

Stand In For Nebraska strives to be fully inclusive with Four Active Community Organizing Circles advocating for human rights.

We Nourish

Stand In For Nebraska collects food and essential resources to support Nebraskans living in the margins.