Food Security

We believe in quality food security for all.

Now, nearly 1 in 4 households are experiencing food insecurity.

In a nation with so much food abundance–even waste–more deliberate and creative approaches are needed to eliminate hunger.  We embrace the challenge!

2019 Department of Agriculture statistics confirm American food insecurity was a problem pre-pandemic; 10.5% of all US households struggled.


To date, we have served  6500 families with quality food security, stocked Lincoln’s pantries at 16th and D st. bi-weekly. 


Little Food Pantry

The Stand in for Nebraska Little Food Pantry at 16th and D st. was built when the pandemic started and is restocked daily by volunteers.


Stand in for Nebraska successfully completed 10 Nourish the Plains campaigns in partnership with the Indigenous, Yazidi, Black and immigrant communities of Nebraska.

Households Served

Nourish the Plains Campaigns

Planted & Maintained Healing Gardens