Economic Justice Leadership Team

The Economic Justice Leadership Team practices an essential part of leadership: Followership.

Rebecca (Beck) Giglio Stark, Christine Cary, Julie Kuntze, Dr. Sarah Sawin Thomas

This team will focus on….

  • Assisting in supplemental financing of COC programs led by women of the global majority.
  • Invests in personal work toward deepening anti-racist self-identifications and were invited to join the team, in part, because of the deep and trusted investments they’ve made already in the organization.
  • Doing the personal and economic justice work unique to aspiring white allies.
  • Addressing white supremacy economically and through efforts to value women–particularly women of colo–and re-matriate, as both are intertwined.

Working as a team to gain access to resources supporting dreams of BIPOC women leaders doing vital community is this team’s focus.