Roots to Rise

WHEN: July 10-14, 2023 WHERE: 1701 "E" St, Lincoln WHY: This summer camp aims to empower holistic health and wellness and enhance myriad life and academic skills by promoting a positive future construct -all led by BIPOC peer mentors and qualified adults.
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WHAT: Participating youth learn from a wide range of guest teachers about plants, food/body connections, and culture. They will also experience a safe, supportive, respectful, and stimulating community following Indigenous ways.

SPONSORS: Thanks to our 2023 Major Sponsors: Ponca Tribal Nation, EarthBondU, Humanities Nebraska, Jeffery and Rebecca Stark Trust, Open Harvest Co-op Seed Program, and Intertribal Spiritual Lodges.

QUESTIONSContact us at [email protected] for more information about  being on staff, being a sponsor, or donating meals or supplies.

COC I. Roots to Rise (R2R): COC Founder & Director: Freedom Thompson/Co-Director: Nature Medicine Song Villegas (Eye Am Art)/Program Administrator: Dr. Stephanie Bondi.

  • Roots to Rise is a multi-dimensional cultural art, humanities, and environmental land connection studies program designed to reach, ignite and uplift BIPOC youth.
  • Providing de-colonizing, culturally responsive Indigenous pedagogy outdoors, Roots to Rise aims to empower holistic health and wellness, and reinforce myriad life and academic skills, with promoting a positive future construct—all led by BIPOC peer mentors and qualified adults.
  • By providing a safe space to enhance creativity and self-identity through art, humanities, and environment, Roots to Rise bridges gaps, creates pathways to connection, and uplifts youth holistically.
  • Roots to Rise aims to nourish Indigenous, Native, and BIPOC youth through healthy sustenance and sustainability. We do this by providing connections to the land, environment, art, and indigenous wisdom. All nourishing efforts aim toward a more human/earth healthy and biodiverse future.
  • Roots to Rise will provides a safe, stimulating environment all year including a week-long summer camp to secure connections with self and others in the world of art, humanities, environmentalism land connections, and language.

2022 Major Institutional Sponsors ($500+)

  • Anitra Warrior/Morningstar Counseling
  • Humanities Nebraska (Major Grant Award Recipient)
  • Intertribal Spiritual Lodges
  • The Lincoln Indian Center
  • LPS Indian Education
  • Open Harvest
  • Runza Restaurants
  • 10 Private Donors

Eye Am Art

Offers a powerful youth enrichment within and an extension from Roots to Rise.

Eye Am Art encourages participating Roots to Rise youth (and community youth at large) to engage in…..

  • self-identity-affirming practices and expressions through visual art.
  • formal visual art principles and practices
  • improvisation, experimentation, and building empowered voices through expressive visual mediums
  • exploratory creative play in a supportive community.