Save the Date! May 28-29, 2021                                                    

Stand in for Nebraska is a cross-cultural, intersectional human rights organization. That means we often come together across cultures to find common ground and advance positive change.

Journey for Justice is one of those spaces where all cultures converge and promote human rights!

Twice a year–in the fall and late spring–the organizing team works to evolve this festival’s vision, community outreach, and impact.

The event begins with a focus on Healthy Communities.

At this point, we take advantage of Lincoln’s impressive walk-run-bike trail systems to determine our unique justice journey.

Some journey in teams; some journey alone–whatever the approach, Journey for Justice along the Jamaica North Trail in Lincoln promises to challenge, inspire, and promote healthy reflection in movement.

 Whatever the justice cause we champion, all end up at the Capitol to unite and celebrate our work toward a “more perfect Union”–toward realizing the unrealized American promise. 

Through lively speeches across communities and from elected officials and through supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) restaurants, artists, performers, maker spaces, and educational booths, the experience promises to recharge and refocus our united efforts toward a more just Nebraska.

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