Dear Stand in for Nebraska Members,

Stand in for Nebraska supports urgent and unyielding human rights advocacy alongside impacted, multi-marginalized Nebraskans. To realize this deep commitment, we deploy wide-ranging methods including weekly Non-Violent Stand Ins (nearly 100 to date) to challenge unjust realities for black and brown people and demand systemic change.

Last night’s protests were not encouraged or sponsored by Stand in for Nebraska.

While this is true, we do want to make clear to Nebraskans and the mostly young people involved that we see and hear them. Contrary to our President’s reckless and ignorant depiction of those rioting in the streets as“thugs,” we validate the pain, outrage, and despair driving such actions.

We understand that, as Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “a riot is the language of the unheard.” When multi-marginalized populations are afflicted with unaddressed and unresolved historical traumas, are repeatedly targeted and abused by politicians and the legal system, are denied myriad ways to thrive in this country while their white counterparts enjoy, without shame or intervention, disproportionately more access to opportunity and the ability to live without fear, anger and rage are understandable responses.

The tie that binds Stand in for Nebraska and those involved in more aggressive protesting methods nationwide is the desire to destroy systemic oppressions that continue to amplify white supremacy and render multi-marginalized people vulnerable, disenfranchised, and violently treated.

So today, we recommit to our pledge and in solidarity with community partners that we will work visibly, tirelessly, and systemically alongside those who want to dismantle oppressions and bring repair to this woefully broken country.

In Solidarity,

Sarah and Carol