Stand in for Nebraska’s Leadership Team  self-identifies as community advocates and human rights ambassadors for the organization.

To best advance human rights and justice alongside multi-marginalized communities in Nebraska while dismantling systemic oppressions, Stand in for Nebraska Ambassadors enact a diverse, shared, and supportive leadership model.

As a Leadership Team, we are committed to reinforcing these values:

1) Personal Integrity

  •  Staying focused on value-adding daily and long term human rights work 
  • De-centering ego while growing inner peace to inspire healthy community dynamics
  • Remaining mindful our individual expressions and actions must align with our values
  • Practicing self-care and healing methods to remain resilient, build stamina, and be effective 

2) Relational Integrity

  • Valuing and listening to the most vulnerable community members’ voices
  • Centering relationship and trust-building in all of our visions and practices, for deep activism cannot sustain without both forces
  • Practicing supportive honesty and tact, for relational growth and community impact are disabled without them
  • Using sensitive, trauma-informed approaches in our work and interactions with others; all have experienced trauma from colonialization and white supremacist patriarchy, so compassionate leadership while drawing healthy boundaries is valued
  • Protecting community integrity through on-going watchfulness and active response to undermining influences. We protect our community sanctity and integrity.

3) Organizational Integrity

  • Leading within a chosen passionate focus and drawing boundaries to get work done
  • Engaging morally courageous and responsive leadership, for a human rights organization without bold advocacy jeopardizes its integrity and community impact potential.
  • Celebrating innovative initiative–individually and collectively– for all should feel empowered and supported in authoring new and needed projects.
  • Utilizing non-conventional methods, risk-taking, and productive interruptions, as such leadership is necessary for dismantling systemic oppressions