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Notice spaces in which dominant whiteness prevails and do three things:

1) Notice

2) Disrupt

3) Urge action

Reinforcing white dominance through non-disruption/conflict avoidance in white interactive spaces is part of the problem. To illustrate: In response to a long strand of white social media commenting—expressed relief now that Biden is in office—notice the whiteness, disrupt, and urge action:

“I’d like to know what BIPOC friends think within this strand. Are they relieved knowing Biden is in office? One of my major concerns is white complacency…We need white allies to be LOUD about a massive range of human rights issues that likely won’t change without highly mobilized pressure from a watchful citizenry.

SIFN challenges white members to go beyond performative allyship. Substantial allyship always requires intentional disruption, as white supremacy is too deep and widely pervasive—and invisible to many white people—to effect change without it.