We are thrilled Cheri Stollar plans to continue co-leading Stand in for Nebraska’s Adult Educational Programming COC (community organizing circle)in 2023.

As a licensed mental health practitioner with Blue Valley Behavioral Health in Lincoln, Cheri contributes in profound ways to community wellness. Though broadly credentialed and experienced in her field, Cheri specializes in substance abuse therapy and youth wellness. We have especially loved witnessing her passion and growth in further developing indigenous philosophies and practices, as the field of psychology over-privileges Western orientations and methods.

To that end, Cheri’s fingerprints and skillful design and guidance helped create two new SIFN courses in 2022. The first was co-taught with Renee Sans Souci and featured somatic archaeology informed by indigenous therapist, Ruby Gibson’s book, My Body, My Earth. Here, Cheri and Renee expertly guided students through a multi-dimensional personal excavation. We learned and practiced storytelling techniques that helped us lean into our fuller “sacred stories.” Further understanding and respecting how “our bodies keep score” and more keenly, reverently listening to their intelligence led to central explorations and practices.

Later in 2022, Cheri partnered with Dr. Anh Le to develop a companion course this time rooted in Buddhist philosophies and meditative practices. Drawing from Buddhist nun and student of Thich Nhat Hahn, Sister Dang Ngheim’s book, Flowers in the Dark, students explored mindfulness and trauma healing processes and practices. Through this deep-diving experience, each participant got better acquainted with their life stories, grounding meditative practices, and more self-awareness around areas in need of healing.

The healing journey: This is among Cheri’s deepest life commitments—for herself and for her community. We so deeply respect this greatness in her and the gifts it has brought—and will continue to bring—to community self-awareness, growth, and healing.

We implicitly trust Cheri’s wisdom, her goodness, and authenticity. Standing in her truth and light, we are steadied and made better by her influences. Fully committed and unwavering to the practice of women supporting women, Cheri shares so much healthy energy in our organization that, in part, spills forth from the empowered daughters she is dedicated to raising.