As a respected academic authoring an anthology featuring Vietnamese refugee stories, scholar of Buddhism, UNL leader supporting international students, and True Home Now life coach, Dr. Le leads in many domains. All of her work arcs toward helping build the Beloved Community through personal and community wellness and healing.

In partnership with fellow SIFN leader and indigenous therapist, Cheri Stollar, Dr. Le offered a 10-week on-line course summer/fall of 2022 featuring mindfulness and trauma healing on personal and societal levels. This transformative course led to a full day retreat at Spring Creek Prairie. We are eager for more opportunities like these and are thrilled Dr. Le will be co-leading the SIFN educational programming COC (community organizing circle) in 2023. Here, she will continue developing innovative programming and sharing her expertise with local in-person and on-line communities.

Dr. Le is a deep river—a source of wisdom for all of us. She also is a font of joy (as evident in her photo below!) for those lucky enough to know and love her. We are eager to hear about Dr. Le’s recent trip to Vietnam, as SIFN values global perspectives and the developing cultural and identity revelations
occurring therein.

We have grown so much from Dr. Le’s positive influences and, again, are eager to participate in and promote her community education opportunities in 2023!