Considering Freedom’s centrality to SIFN, she plays several indispensable official roles: Roots to Rise youth program Founder and Director, former Nourish the Plains Co-Director, and Lead Policy Advocate advancing restorative justice within prison reform and indigenous rights.

Freedom also is among the most expansively gifted, connecting, and nurturing humans we know.

As a culinary arts expert, Freedom often shares her gifts to teach and love through food. Her area of great passion: reminding our communities of healthy indigenous food histories and practices through her involvement. Her reach is extensive—whether invited to lead in schools or plan menus and cater for special events like Native student graduations at the Indian Center, the Roots to Rise summer camp, and the Malcolm X Hall of Fame Celebration.

Freedom nourishes through the loving sacredness and attentiveness she brings to her indigenous food masterpieces. It is ceremony for her.

Relatedly is her immersion within her own spiritual journey—her commitment to attending and leading within Inipi ceremonies. Freedom’s rarity allows her to be a seer in these contacts, so that affords her many honors and responsibilities within her Black and indigenous communities. She often serves as a spiritual guide within sacred threshold episodes and is responsible for helping grieving families move through traumatic times. As an indigenous apothecary, Freedom also nourishes her community—often Native elders—with traditional indigenous medicines. During COVID, she has been called on to offer reverent and desired community health support.

SIFN is thrilled about Freedom’s new professional position at Nebraska Appleseed where these rare gifts are being valued and amplified!

Beyond these enormous ways Freedom leads within SIFN, Freedom also gifts us with her healthy high vibration energies. Anyone who loves Freedom knows how powerfully held, seen, and valued one feels in her presence. She also brings lift and light wherever she goes. That ability, knowing her life story, seems like an unlikely manifestation. Freedom has known much challenge, struggle, and suffering; and yet, somehow she has converted those ingredients into an alchemy of ascension for herself and those impacted by her.