As a returning Stand in for Nebraska leader this year, Jason has graced our space in so many profoundly influential and subtle ways. He is a rare man—not driven to seek the limelight with his energies; and yet, his loving and ascending energies are deeply felt and impactful. A most remarkable team player guided by integrity in every movement, Jason uplifts and understands, values, and practices rematriation.

Jason’s tireless advocacy work to shift inhumane, non-restorative narratives and practices within the prison industrial complex, end juvenile solitary confinement, free an innocent man, Earnest Jackson, and promote effective transitional infrastructures post-incarceration are among his many superpowers. As a Nebraska ACLU Board Member as well, Jason is an ideal representative for justice advocacy in Nebraska.

As an MHA (Mental Health Alliance) professional, Jason is point of compassionate contact for many in crisis. His calm, loving, affirming essence and skillful support are gifts to those in need; gifts to us.

As an artist, Jason’s essence allows the subject of his film and photography projects to melt into their truth and open, shine. Just by being himself, the story or person on the other side can speak. He encourages voice.